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Charter aims to help make our food system sustainable

09 March 2018

The Good Food Dunedin Charter, which describes how we would like our food system to look in the future, is being considered by Dunedin City Council next week.

The Good Food Dunedin Charter, which describes how we would like our food system to look in the future, is being considered by Dunedin City Council next week.

The charter will help to guide future food policy and actions for Dunedin. It is the culmination of three years of work on food resilience in Dunedin, looking into the sustainability of our food system. It was developed by the Good Food Dunedin Alliance, which received 28 submissions after engaging with the community on the draft charter.

Deputy Mayor Chris Staynes said the charter sets out a vision to guide collective actions in the city and incorporates stakeholder and community feedback. As a result, it now includes three key principles wanted by the community: the food we eat should be good for people, good for the city, and good for the planet.

“The Good Food Dunedin Charter is designed to bring communities and organisations together to create a thriving, food-resilient city. Food gathering and food growing spaces that reflect the values of local iwi are integral to this vision,” Mr Staynes said.

The charter says Good Food aims to find ways to support positive health and social outcomes by advocating for all residents to have easy access to nutritious food. It aims for Dunedin to be part of a food-friendly economy that actively seeks and supports opportunities for growers, producers, consumers, businesses and entrepreneurs. It also aims to support the environment through the development of a sustainable local food system that protects natural resources and ecosystems.

The charter will be presented to the Dunedin City Council’s economic development committee next Tuesday, March 13, for consideration.

If approved, the next step will be asking Dunedin businesses to commit to the charter.

For more information contact:

Ruth Zeinert

Good Food Dunedin Coordinator

03 474 3897


Good Food Dunedin is a Dunedin City Council-led initiative, supported by individuals, communities, organisations and businesses who share a vision to transform Dunedin into a thriving food-resilience city.

Building food resilience is consistent with, and will enhance, Dunedin’s goal to be one of the world’s great small cities. It is also consistent with the Council’s strategic objectives to be an environmentally sustainable and resilient city that enables a prosperous and diverse economy.

A food charter is a statement of aspirational values and principles, which will guide future food policy and action planning in our city. Cities around the world who are doing similar work to Good Food Dunedin, tell us developing a charter has been key in:

  • enabling partnerships of public, private and community organisations
  • describing how groups can work together to use food as a vehicle for positive change
  • providing a focal point around which these partnerships can grow over time.

Successful uptake of the charter will result in:

  • increased knowledge of, and access to, locally grown/manufactured food
  • increased access to information and resources that enable residents to grow/farm their own food
  • increased number of food growers and manufacturers adopting energy efficient production methods
  • decreased food-related waste
  • enhanced awareness of the effects of climate change on food production.

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