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Be inspired for your next Dunedin visit! Below is a collection of features, top 10’s, videos and more to give you the lowdown on all there is to do and see.

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Dunedin is full of hidden gems, wee alley ways, new shops, bars, restaurants and recreational activities. There always seems to be a cultural event on or something happening. Insiders Dunedin is the platform to source all the best tips and things to do to make your life or visit in Dunedin a little more special. Get the local intel on Dunedin here

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Wild Times on the Otago Peninsula – Stuff

It's at the very top of Larnach Castle - up the twisting 29 step turret staircase -, that you feel closest to its builder, William Larnach. When you rest your hands on the battlements that no arrows would ever be fired from and take in a drone-like view of the glorious Otago hills and harbour bays stretching out to sea, you know he would have done the same. Click here to read more

What to do when you visit Dunedin for the first time – Newshub Travel

‘For one of New Zealand's smallest cities, Dunedin plays it big when it comes to impressive tourist attractions. It's kind of the perfect holiday a place where you can get a park without raising your blood pressure, but where you'll also see things that'll knock your socks off.’ Click here to read the full story

Otago Peninsula & Larnach Castle – Lux Life Blog

On the breathtaking Otago Peninsula is the only castle in the whole of New Zealand, Lanarch Castle. Located within the city of Dunedin - the original Capital City of New Zealand, whose name comes from the Gaelic for Edinburgh - the Otago Peninsula is a haven for wildlife and an absolutely stunning drive on a sunny day. I was in Dunedin for four days visiting one of my closest friends from high school in England, and we did a couple of trips to the peninsula to explore, but you could easily do it all in a day trip. Click here to read more

10 Reasons Dunedin is New Zealand’s Best Kept Secret – AU

Wellington may be the political capital of New Zealand, and Auckland its commercial hub, but for those in the know, Dunedin is the capital of cool. With a thriving food and wine scene, a globally recognised fashion industry and some of the best music, art and literature in the country, the South Island’s second largest city punches well above its weight when it comes to creativity and commerce. Click here to read more

25 Things to Do in Dunedin – Albom Adventures

The variety of things to do in Dunedin New Zealand is only surpassed by the city’s varying reputations. Depending on who you are, the city’s name will conjure up different images. Horticulturists know Dunedin is New Zealand’s garden city. Photographers understand why many consider it the country’s most beautiful city. University students either know it for exceptional educational opportunities or as the country’s party capital. People of Scottish descent think of Dunedin as a faraway bit of home. The wildlife fascinates zoologists, while ornithologists know it as a home to many rare and endangered birds. Click here to read more

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A Winter More Intriguing in Dunedin

Dunedin is beckoning visitors to experience a winter more intriguing this year and discover the many natural and urban wonders of this beautiful and quirky southern city. An exciting calendar of seasonal events celebrates Dunedin’s unique character and creativity whilst special offers on local attractions and accommodation make for an even more compelling reason to visit. The autumn and winter have a special beauty of their own, unveiling epic starlit nights and an abundance of rare wildlife just minutes from the city centre. Click here to read more