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Where the Wild Things Are – Winter in Dunedin

An unforgettable midwinter season is approaching as Dunedin gears up to celebrate Where the Wild Things Are. During the midwinter season the city and surrounding region will host a vast range of exceptional events, wild deals and competitions for the entire family, or your special somebody.

Be part of something special while you are here; check out the event-full calendar, you will have the chance to explore Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula’s remarkable natural beauty and world-renowned wildlife, overlaid with intriguing arts and cultural activities and a vibrant, growing culinary scene.

Wild Deals

Enjoy one of these amazing Wild Accommodation and Activity deals when you stay in Dunedin during the autumn and winter months in 2017.

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Wild Dunedin

Dunedin is a wild city.

As you enter Dunedin you see hills all around – some bearing wild vegetation, some suburbs and some farmland - and you see the glistening harbour, the rugged coastline and the mighty Pacific ocean.  Then as you explore Dunedin you find it contains an incredible range of natural habitats, animals and plants, from mountain-top to sea-side.

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Virgin Australia

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Wild Events

Be part of something special when you visit, Dunedin’s event-rich calendar features many wonderful activities during the winter months.

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Family Activites

From the big stars to the hidden gems, winter in Dunedin offers adventures for families, no matter what budget you are on. Explore the attics and galleries of Dunedin’s many museums, take in the family programmes at the Art Gallery, or make friends with our local wildlife on the Otago Peninsula.

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Nightlife & Family Dining

Explore Dunedin’s curious, delectable and beautiful restaurants and bars. The vibrant cuisine scene is a delight to explore, with plenty of options for feeding the troops, Dunedin’s restaurants offer cuisine styles from hearty pub meals to fine dining experiences. Relax and enjoy Dunedin’s smorgasbord of night time venues, check out the bohemian little pubs proudly serving Dunedin’s finest ales, chic cocktail lounges with all the extras and groovy retro bars with an exotic vibe.

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Free things to do in Dunedin

Short of cash?

Relax at the gardens, visit the galleries and museums, catch some waves, drive or cycle the Otago Peninsula, or take some spring water at the Speight’s tap - it’s free and there are no chemicals added to it.

Locals are known to be frugal, so do what they do.

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