My Dunedin Itinerary


Grow your future

Dunedin’s learning institutions offer clear pathways to a world of education and employment opportunities.

Pathways to learning

Our secondary schools equip students with the skills and understanding they need to move successfully into higher education, nurturing strong links to the University of Otago, Otago Polytechnic and many other New Zealand training and higher education institutions.

Your career

Our higher education institutions have developed powerful and effective pathways for progressing from school to undergraduate courses, and onwards to graduate and postgraduate study, research employment or the huge range of careers in Dunedin’s professional world.

Take advantage of career planning services to chart a course wherever your ambition takes you, with strong support and expert assistance from knowledgeable guides, whatever your career goals.

Global connections

Nowhere is it easier to make connections to the global business world than Dunedin, where welcoming social networks help bring ideas and people together.

Stepping from higher education into Dunedin’s thriving commercial environment means exploring the many powerful links between learning, research and careers here in the city, around New Zealand – and across the world.

Open and friendly, our social networks promote the kind of connections that let students thrive, helping build relationships that lead into real world opportunities in New Zealand and beyond.

Working while studying

If you’re a student with a Student Visa enrolled in a full-time programme, you may be able to work up to 20 hours per week during the year and full-time during scheduled breaks in your study.

Please note: not all students will be eligible.

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Opportunities to stay after studying

When you’ve finished your study, you may be able to work in New Zealand for up to four years, and after that, apply to work or live here longer term. Your chances of getting further work here are greatly improved if you have the skills that New Zealand urgently needs.

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Applying for work

There are two types of visa you can get to allow you to work in New Zealand after completing your tertiary study. The Post-study Work Visa - Open gives you up to 12 months to find a job that’s related to your studies. The Post-study Work Visa - Employer Assisted lets you work in a specific job related to your studies for two more years.

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