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About education in Dunedin, New Zealand

New Zealand’s Qualification System – a special way to ensure your studies are high quality

New Zealand’s qualification framework from school to career training to post-graduate studies (PhD) in higher education is on a unique system, organised from levels 1 – 10. Levels are based on complexity - with level 1 the least complex and level 10 the most complex.

To understand New Zealand’s globally recognised qualification system and how our government ensures the qualification you study at school or a higher education institution is quality controlled visit the New Zealand Qualification Website.

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Education in New Zealand

Education in New Zealand is special, high quality and recognised around the world.

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Help to make you feel safe in New Zealand

Here in New Zealand and Dunedin we really value and care about the quality of education and care students receive – so much that we were the first country to introduce a code. This code of practice for the pastoral care of international students must be followed by any school or education institution that accepts you as an international student. The code helps to protect you by ensuring all the information you receive about studying in Dunedin is true, while putting into place the support you need and helps to ensure where you live is safe and friendly.

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How New Zealand cares for international students

The Code of Practice

New Zealand is committed to how we care about international students. To support this, the New Zealand government has developed a Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (the Code).

When students come to study in Dunedin, our education providers have an important responsibility to ensure that those students are well informed, safe and properly cared for.

The Code is a document that helps providers design their services and education agents. By setting standards about the care international students should receive, it provides a procedure that students can follow if they have concerns about the treatment they receive from their education provider or agent of a provider.

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The Code of Practice is available in several languages downloadable here (PDF):