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Good Food Dunedin

In Dunedin we're lucky to have a great pool of people interested in strengthening our local food system.


Good food is vital to the quality of our lives. Around the world, more and more people are becoming interested in not just what we eat, but also where our food comes from. We are regaining our awareness of food for our own health, for the health of our local economy, and for the health of the ecosystems upon which our future food production will depend.

Good Food Dunedin is a Dunedin City Council-led initiative, supported by individuals, communities, organisations and businesses who share a vision to transform Dunedin into a thriving and sustainable food city. Many of those people are coming together as the Good Food Dunedin Alliance, in order to share their experience and expertise in support of the project.

As well as being affordable and nutritious, we think that the food we eat should be good for people, good for the city, and good for the planet. By promoting healthy and sustainable food as part of a thriving local economy, the Good Food Dunedin project aims to improve the wellbeing of residents and visitors alike, and create a more vibrant, connected and prosperous city.

If you are looking for practical ways in which you can support our local food economy, or if you have plans to start your own food business, we hope you'll find these pages useful. If you can’t find what you're looking for, please contact

Dunedin Food Charter

We are currently working on developing a local food charter. A food charter is a statement of aspirational values and principles, which will guide future food policy and action planning in our city. Cities around the world who are doing similar work to Good Food Dunedin, tell us that a developing a charter has been key in:

  • enabling partnerships of public, private and community organisations
  • describing how groups can work together to use food as a vehicle for positive change
  • providing a focal point around which these partnerships can grow over time.

We have developed a draft, which you can read here.

The Charter will be supported by an Action Plan, which will outline our goals and actions in detail. Following are some examples of Charter from other cities, to provide a comparison:

Christchurch, Cardiff and Bristol charters.

We'd love your thoughts and feedback, please complete the Good Food Dunedin Food Charter Feedback Form before 5pm Thursday 30 November 2017.

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